The Erhu

Chinese Traditional Instrument

The erhu is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world; existing for more than one thousand years. It became known as a solo instrument around 1920 when the contemporary composer Liu Tian Hua modified the register to one and one-half octaves and began to write music which became popular very quickly. This traditional Chinese instrument possesses a very unique sound. The bow is fashioned out of horsehair, the two strings are made of metal and the resonating box is made of snakeskin, most of the time from python. While the violin is played horizontally, the erhu is played vertically.

Sample of Ehru music (330KB)

Lei Qiang
Composer Liu Tian-Hua

CD's Available:

Oliver Sudden Productions K10-007CD
Chinese Traditional Erhu Music Vol.1
Oliver Sudden Productions K10-010CD
Chinese Traditional Erhu Music Vol.2
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