Indian Instruments

One of the most popular instruments in Hindustani classical music, the sarod is a fretless, double-chested, long-necked lute from northern India. The sarod has 25 metal strings - four melodic and two rhytmic ones that are plucked with a plectrum made from coconut shell as well as four resonating and 15 sympathetic ones. Since the sarod has no frets, the musician slides the tips of his fingernails over the strings, along the plate. The sarod has a brass resonator situated behind the pegbox.

The tabla is a collective term for two small, hand-played drums (tabla and bayan) found in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent. The tabla are the principal drums of classical music and their repertory has a complex rhythmic system. The musician uses the hands and fingers on the skins to produce variations in sound and timbre. The tabla is made from wood and the larger bayan from metal.

The tanpura is a long-necked, drone lute with four to six metal strings that are slowly plucked and left resonating.

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