Lu Xiu Tang

Lu Xiu Tang was born in Tangshan, Jiang Su province, China in 1911. He taught himself to play the Erhu at an early age. He, also, learned to sing classical Kunqu opera. Lu Xiu Tang's talent allowed him to study with and eventually join the Jiang Su Musical Troupe. He continued to perfect his Erhu playing and opera singing at the Shanghai National Music School. His entire life was dedicated to playing and teaching music ; particularly the Erhu. He greatly admired the work of 20th-century composer Liu Tian-Hua. (Three of Liu's compositions can be found on Lei Qiang's "Chinese Traditional Erhu Music Vol. 1", K10-007). In 1949, Lu Xiu Tang taught music at the Beijing Art School and the Shanghai Conservatory. Among his students were Wang Yi and Xiang Zu Ying ; both acclaimed Erhu players. Lu, also, wrote the textbook "How to Play Chinese Musical Instruments." During his lifetime, Lu Xiu Tang composed eight pieces for the Erhu. This compact disc includes "Nostalgia", one of his most celebrated compositions. Written in 1936, this moody, patriotic piece expresses Lu's distress at the Japanese occupation of northeastern China.

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