Chinese Traditional Zheng Music

Artist: Hong Ting

Hong Ting performs 16 traditional musical pieces on the zheng, an ancient Chinese stringed instrument. This digital recording captures the soothing ethereal sound of the zheng.
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Track Listing
1. Lotus Out of Water / Traditional Kejia
2. Ah-Do-Qing Ah-Si-Er / Mongolian Folk Song
3. The Fisherman's Song at Dusk / Jin Zhuo Nan
4. Milking Song / Mongolian Folk Song
5. Flowers on the Brocade / Traditional Chaozhou
6. The Warbling Birds / Traditional Shandong
7. Song of the Flying Phoenix / Traditional Shandong
8. The Sorrow of Lady Zhaojun / Traditional Kejia
9. The Hang-Down Curtain / Traditional Cantonese
10. Autumn Moon Over Still Lake / Traditional Cantonese
11. The Wind Sways The Green Bamboos / Traditional Shandong
12. Liu Yang River / Hunan Folk Song / Zhang Yan
13. A Bit of Gold / Traditional Chaozhou
14. Winter Ducks Play on Water / Traditional Chaozhou
15. Moon Over Guan-Shan Mountain / origins unknown
16. The Flowing Springs in the Ravine / Xu Tiao-sheng

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