Japanese Traditional Flute for Meditation ; Zen Shakuhachi Vol.2

Artist: Alcvin Takegawa Ramos

Respecting the rich tradition of Japanese Zen bamboo-flute masters, Alcvin Takegawa Ramos performs 9 solo pieces for the shakuhachi. Considered one of the leading contemporary exponents of the instrument, Ramos is the founder of the Bamboo-In, a shakuhachi retreat centre on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Oliver Sudden Productions K10-25CD

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Track Listing
1. Tsuru no Sugomori (Nesting Cranes)
2. KokŻ (Empty Sky)
3. Takiotoshi (Sound of the Waterfall)
4. Azuma Jishi (Lion of the East)
5. San'ya (Mountain Valley)
6. Shin Kyorei (True Empty Bell)
7. Shin'ya (Deep at Night)
8. Jyakunen (Equanimous Mind)
9. Kumoi Jishi (Cloud Lion)

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