Japanese Traditional Koto and Shakuhachi Music

Artist: Satomi Saeki & Alcvin Takegawa Ramos

Enjoy the soothing sounds of Japanese traditional koto and shakuhachi music as performed by Satomi Saeki & Alcvin Takegawa Ramos. This digital recording is accompanied by a 16 page booklet in English and French.
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Track Listing
1. Chidori no Kyoku (Song of the Plover) Traditional
composed by Yoshizawa Kengyo
2. Seki Setsu (Meditation on Rocks and Snow)
composed by Alcvin Takegawa Ramos
3. Aki no Koto no Ha Traditional
composed by Nishiyama Kengyo
4. Rokudan (Etude in Six Movements) Traditional
composed by Yatsuhashi Kengyo
5. Sagano
composed by Satomi Saeki
6. Shoganken Reibo (Yearning for the Bell of the Pine Boulder Temple)
traditional composer unknown
7. Midare Traditional
composed by Yatsuhashi Kengyo
8. Fuyu Momiji (Winter Maple)
composed by Alcvin Takegawa Ramos and Satomi Saeki

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