Flamenco de la Costa

Artist: Juan Carranza

Juan José Carranza performs his Flamenco compositions with an earthy vocal style and an innovative percussive right-hand guitar technique layered with new world rhythms. This collection of 11 original pieces includes two songs with words written by acclaimed Spanish writer Federico Garcia Lorca.

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Track Listing
1. Eso Es - Rumba
2. Corazón Malherido - Tangos
3. Agua Y Sombra - Rumba
4. Tangos Del Moro - Tangos
5. Romance de la Luna Luna - Fandangos
6. Mantra Gitano - Rumba Zambra
7. Al Galope - Rumba
8. La Esencia de Mi Alegríęa - Tanguillos
9. Danza de la Arena - Rumba
10. Gitana - Rumba
11. Del Atardecer - Rumba Nova

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